Sunday, October 22, 2006

housecats and coatnaps

it is a day for housecoats and catnaps.

part of me wants to let you know that every day is a day for housecoats and catnaps. but today, it is the only viable option. even the snow-slush-rain is pointing in the general direction of housecoats and catnaps.

it's a little early this year for my first snow day sweater. (though, i don't even know if my first snow day sweater fits anymore). but i think i will make a judgment call about this first snow day thing and dismiss this one as a valid snow day cause it's not going to stick. it's just gross. and you shouldn't reward gross or it makes itself a habit.

a good thing, too, because there's no point for a first snow day sweater on a day of housecats and coatnaps.


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