Monday, April 2, 2007

you knew about the whispering the whole time.

it's a natural urge. you can't fight it.

well, i can't rule out the possibility that it's just me. well... it's at least not just me.

ok, to be more accurate, some of you know what i'm talking about.

oncoming drivers, oncoming bikers, oncoming pedestrians, oncoming anyone. you aren't kidding anyone that you don't notice me. and if i'm caught looking at you, how can it be considered rude, when you are blatantly ignoring that i exist here. i'm standing right in front of you. taking up all this awkward space and we're walking right by each other and i'm right here.

i think it's natural for us to want to acknowledge each other. no grand gesture. just i see you here, too. acknowledging right to exist or something to that effect. i don't know. but i know that feeling of getting all awkward when someone catches you acknowledging their have taken up residence in my obvious line of sight. it's that special kind of awkward that only humans get. the sort of awkward that we've manufactured something around. but deep down inside you know something about your true self is lying to yourselves. or tricked you in for more efficient dealings with other humans cause they've all been tricked in, too.

how did we get so tricked into?

it's not rude. it's not creepy. it's just reality. quite obviously you are here, and i acknowledge you cause i see you. it's a farce to pretend that i don't. and i don't think that you're that stupid. so i don't pretend to think that i do.

you needn't pretend, too.

it'll make you less scared. it'll make you less isolated.
you acknowledge me. i acknowledge you.

i'm not saying you have to smile. i'm just saying some sort of end to the denial that currently exists between us. like none of us are here. or at least, none of you.

besides, we are pretty good at acknowledging each other. we are pretty smart creatures to do what we do.

we even acknowledge each other without even
acknowledging we do.

in our boxes on wheels behind safe little windows we easy maneouvre our ways round the the world.

we all would have crashed by now if we weren't whispering back and forth the whole time.

you know this.


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