Sunday, August 19, 2007

getting dizzy

it strikes me as a little odd, as i crouch here behind the bbq and hide from the neighbourhood, that i spend part of my time sitting out in the open playing guitar and singing to the neighbours like i don't care despite the gaping hole in the bushes to the street so i am right out there for every to see. and the other part sitting here crouched behind the bbq, strumming lightly and humming melodies under my breath. it strikes me as a little odd, these two continually battling sides of me. sometimes i am practically tumbling, head over feet, down this hill, head or feet first, changing so rapidly. so that i get dizzy sometimes.

but it's in the changing back and forth that i sometimes get to see things i wouldn't have normally seen.

have you ever looked up as you drove? well, you should be in the passenger seat. and i suppose this requires some sort of convertible or sun roof option. but nevertheless, have you ever looked up as you drove? everything's so different that you practically don't recognize the street you've been living on your whole life. granted, much of the drive is sky, which is variable and so unable to help you in the task of recognition in this case. but trees, tops of buildings, poles and traffic lights all seem fascinating. like i'm a child seeing things again for the first time. traffic lights especially. i don't know what it is about those traffic lights.

and of course, sky is awesome always.

i find it difficult to believe that people can look up at the sky and not recognize the face of God. i mean, He's everywhere, but come on! you don't paint pictures prettier than that.

and look around. there isn't anything chaotic about it.


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