Wednesday, August 1, 2007

it's not face to face, but it certainly isn't facebook

no one emails anymore.

i miss email.

the only emails i get are notifications from facebook that someone has done something to me, on my wall, invited me to something whatever i don't know. i hate the invitations. i'm not interested in more impersonal vampire bites and whatnot. some more faceless poking or super poking or whatever, i don't care. i like pictures. videoes maybe. perhaps a greeting card, but mostly i'm just not that interested anymore. whatever happened to email. whatever happened to really knowing someone and interacting with them. whatever happened to strong bonds and how were they so easily beaten by strained virtual bonds. whatever happened to sharing responsibilities and taking care of each other. i miss my family. i miss always having someone around in an emergency that you don't even have to think about it. i miss being so close with people that you can say terrible things to them and get over it - not that i want to say terrible things anymore anyway. i miss simple, good food. i miss that time when everything we ate wasn't considered bad for us - shit, we can't even eat the good stuff, now. i miss being able to trust the world.

i miss email.

baby steps, you know.


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