Friday, September 28, 2007

it is is it?

it is time.

(that means nothing. i am just bored)

it is time. and you are of it.
we are all of us of it.

where does it take you? and how does the wind feel? you get to surf? or is it merely shuffling you along, trying to push you over? are your feet still on the ground? take a close look. you may be shuffling for no reason. we're all shuffling mistakes.

what makes the details of my life more real than the abstract? it's just a story anyway, and who knows? maybe i made it all up.
but then again, is fiction any less real. we imaginate reality.

they say God is in the details. and of course, He's everywhere so yeah i'd have to agree. but i don't feel Him so much in the details. i feel Him in the experience. even the mundane. and my life can be so tragically beautifully mundane.

but there is nothing normal about it.

i wonder... a closer look? or the bigger picture? i can't say either extreme of a pendulum's arc is better than the other. just different. all necessary. sweet without sour cliche.

love you


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