Sunday, October 28, 2007

a conversation with physics

there was a rip in the fabric of my time and space. the world was shielded from catastrophe by a ball of string. the physics is all the same, it's almost like nothing happened. but the shape and dimension is all different now. i am still very much adjusting to the new digs.

part of me wishes it had been a little more catastrophic. part of me wishes it had commanded a little more attention. but my gravitational effects are very limited. and the universe won't let me implode. apparently, it's not an option. because we are not made up of point particles, so we can never get down so far enough to disappear. so it's more like a cosmic bounce. frustrating and reassuring, i suppose.

well actually, it's fascinating. if i could muster up the energy to care. but it's still october.

maybe too still.

if i started spinning, something in the physics would have to change. or would something in the physics have to change for me to spin...?

if you take away my free will, physics, we will have to have some words. it may even come to fisticuffs... but i guess that wouldn't be up to me, would it?

don't ask me. i'm no einstein or newton or aspinwall or calabi or yau. i can't even imagine their six dimensional shapes, let alone digest their true brilliance. i settle for two dimensional approximations and summary understanding.

but i'm not yet worried about my free will. not until you start making some sense of that quantum frenzy. from the looks of it, physics, there is no taming that quantum frenzy.

and that quantum frenzy is my friend.

though i guess i could be newton, cause he was mostly wrong.

well, everything is right until we discover otherwise. and we are forever discovering otherwise.


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