Sunday, March 2, 2008

all of our goings on

i'm just sitting here. staring at whatever happens to be around me. taken, if only a little bit, by the colour, a wave of other emotions that i cannot even put my finger on, and then a hundred million billion other things. and taken, in a much more crucial way by make-or-break-mes and serious mental getalongs.

man, this life.

man. with each our own crises.
this life. man.

it's all so ridiculous, a little bit. that we're all just walking around in these heads. i can't even make sense of what i'm going through. i can't even begin to imagine i can make sense of your goings through it.

it turns out i don't really need to.

i will weep for you when appropriate.
i make a very good set of ears.

perhaps we could make a game of it.


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