Friday, May 9, 2008

outlaws welcome

i'm digging this living. i'm digging and digging and digging and digging and fuck the holes. i'mma play in the dirt. excuse the cuss words. (i don't mind them. let's just not be lazy about anything. especially especially not words.)

and if we can always be rejoicing... perfect. orchestrated.
(violins, please)

my shovel is this joy.
do you need me to hit you over the head with it? because i am not opposed to this kind of aggression. if your army is hostile.

all this time, i've been building a very secure wall. and the villagers are well-fed, cooperative and peaceful. the drawbridge is always down, but we will raise it if there's trouble. and don't plan for surprise, either. we have divine messengers - they know everything.

but anyway, don't bother attacking. you can't steal from us, because we're just giving it to you. upsetting your take-take with a little receive- receive. and we're inviting you to banquet. and take in the cathedral. we had some very special people doing the stone work.


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