Thursday, July 31, 2008

order in the court

how's the day to day these days?

some days my days are hard. some days i make them harder. some days i realize that my days are easy days, in fact. some days, i realize, in fact, they aren't.

some days i come to find i am so much the same as another. some days i come to find myself so much different. and some days, i realize that in fact, we have lived amazingly different lives from people, so different we can hardly know anyone at all, but in fact, we still understand people in a much more profound way despite this difference, and this way is a supernatural way because how could we possibly understand these people and their insane experiences. from the outside, even, they hardly make any sense. but just think about what goes on in other people's heads!

considering what goes on inside yours.

we're all just going through what we are going through.

and we've pretty much just got to let everybody go through whatever it is they are going through. and just go through what you are going through, too. just go through it despite everybody else. but don't let everybody else effect what you're going through.

obviously they'll be involved.

but just love, don't judge don't judge don't judge. and you couldn't possibly hurt anyone else. least while nobody judges.
this includes judging yourself.
remember that everyone will fabricate whatever reality they want to live in.
we're all doing it.
just shrug and let them get on with it.
cake and eat it.

just love don't judge don't judge don't judge.


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