Monday, October 23, 2006

i tried to post a photo

how much my happiness is contingent on the usage of my vocal chords.
simply, i love to sing.

also, my happiness is contingent on this song.
purple bottle by animal collective is the most killer song i have heard in a longish time. i mean, i have heard lots of awesome songs. but this song makes me want to die FIVE TIMES because i am so happy. and then all over again when i make it repeat over and over again.

get that wooooooo
get that wooooooo
get that wooooooo
get that wooooooo
get that wooooooo
get that wooooooo
get that wooooooo
get that wooooooo

you get that crush high
thoguth i crushed all i could
crushed all i can
then i crunched your hair.
crush high.
don't want it to stop.
cause stories of your brother make my crush high pop.
and you couldn't really know, cause it's in my toes.
and sometimes you wonder where'd that crush high go.
crush high
then you go and take some pills
cause i can't do all of my do's and still feel ill

get that wooooooo....

i will refrain from writing all the lyrics. listen to it and tell me how you feel. feel free to go into long long details about exactly why you like it. that is how much i like the song. i want to go into long long details.

i've got a coat of feelings and they are loud.

i haven't even told you the best parts. like the george of the jungle drum beat. effing ay plus plus.

listen to it and tell me how you feel.
you will be graded.

i am not required to tell you the criteria in advance. it will only skew the results. just do what you've been told.

there's a feeling in your bottle
found your bottle, found your heart.
there's a feeling in your bottled little part.

i think in actuality i almost die from happiness more like seven times in the song. seriously. i thought five was a large enough number, but now that i am listening, incredibly i think it's more like seven. that is a large success folks. i suddenly want to go on a letter writing tirade to the bar like some wacked out teenage fan bubbling over about how their song rawks. specifically, just like that: r.a.w.k.s. yeah man you get that woooo. quoting their words back to them and so on and so forth. lawl. it will be awesome.

i love letters.

i am in love with every detail of this song. it is so very much in the details.

i haven't seen the movie about a boy in a way too seriously long time and that makes me think i should put it on a very important to-do list. this will probably be the only thing i check off. i am so lazy. and this is so very important.

kick me every time i take my life for granted. for the most part, it's a seriously grand old time. and you are all so entertaining.

la paix.


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