Sunday, January 7, 2007

peace, God

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes. you will not believe this. but then again, you might. because i seemed to be the only one who seemed fazed.

though i think i hid it well.

i had all this other stuff written, and i took it down. this will probably only be significant to me.

so let's do a checklist for the night:

random sushi restaurant check.
edimame check.
shrimp tempura check.
drinks check.
hundred dollars with tip check.
friend mixing check.
five fights check.
rather large knife in pants check.
kid knocked out cold check.
leave before the police and friends arrive check.

necessary bob marley afterwards. most definately check.

it was an interesting night folks.

dudes. about these fights. people were just flocking to them. everyone running their mouths. well, not everyone. but enough to seem like everyone to me. like they weren't at all worried or upset by it.

meanwhile, i am basically hiding, but hopefully pulled off a much more i am cool enough to be with the dj and his friend and behind the turntables you are not allowed just me type vibe. it's tougher, wouldn't you say.

anyway. i can't understand.

how people can spend a whole night so angry and violent. you'd have so much more fun if you all just got along.

it was on the whole a pretty good night. but i have my misgivings about it.

peace out homies.

emphasis on the peace.

if we belong to God, we must be divine.

go on. take music as an example.


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