Thursday, February 15, 2007


weh? weh? weh?

hellify know. it's just humming and chirps inside my head anyway.

there is definately something to be said for the afterglow. the difference here is noticeable. the difference here is important.

the different is where we find what we have in common.

one day i am going to write a book.

until that day my thoughts and ramblings will be - continue to be - disjointed and inconsistent. until that day i won't quite be a cohesive whole.

there will be one day when i will bring this all together in a way that makes sense to me. until then i'm just grasping for straws.

and hot damn! they're mostly the colourful bendy extendo type straws and every once in a while a drink umbrella! and this is why i should never complain.

i read this back and it does not at all do justice to my train of thoughts.

peace out, buddy.


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