Saturday, February 10, 2007


the riff that starts at 1:35 of the skin of my yellow country teeth by clap your hands say yeah! is awesome especially at the end. i feel like i want to be in a boat. we just have that kind of understanding. we sing to each other.

i like to keep a set amount of secrets from every person i know. not even the same secrets every time. like you know, not one major secret in my life that i just don't want anyone knowing. just something about someone that makes me just not tell them something. i mean, more something about myself than something about that other someone. but if they all got together they would still know everything about me. and that's something, i think.

i try to maintain that i am different people to different people.

but in fact, it's always easier to be one's self.

i need some hippie dinner, peace out, weirdos.

this is all i accomplished today, and i don't care. if you are at all interested: yay (this link may not work until tomorrow)


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