Sunday, October 28, 2007

spinning in a field

i'm spinning in a field. sometimes it's the kind of spinning a child does in the summertime, twirling fast with your arms straight out, free and easy, laughing maybe, like rolling down a hill. and at other times it's that kind of lost bewildered spinning, with your hands sometimes grabbing at your head like it's going to explode and at other times hanging out by your sides, hands open, looking to the sky like it holds answers. spinning, spinning to face infinite directions and you have no idea where to go and danger lurks everywhere. like if you were in a movie it would have all these frenzied shots of different directions, and then your face and then other directions and then a full body shot for the full effect... allover psychotic and paranoid. maybe with dirt on your face. that's the kind of spinning i'm doing now.

all this to say i don't wear diamonds.


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