Wednesday, November 28, 2007

i can't hear you anymore but i know you're on to something

in the fading light of day, i will write something. something about this. life. something about this place. something about something that i ain't got quite right yet. like we're always just on the brink of something. something good and something right and something pure and something destined. something destined, for sure. something in the stars. something like hands to puzzle pieces and falling right in. something like holding out for the perfect word when you know others will do, but there's something not quite right about them. and when the perfect word slips out of your mouth it's like you could just eat it, it's that good and heck, you couldn't define the word, but you know you've used it in all it's glory. it's something like that. of course, but not quite.

something like sitting by the fire by the lake and seeing people's faces who you love in the red orange glow. and for a while you are just looking at them, smiling in your knees because heck, this is your life in all it's glory! and you have no idea what they've been saying but you know it's just right.


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