Sunday, November 25, 2007

i met You in every city

here, in this the 'greatest city on earth', i find much the same things that i find in other 'lesser' cities. the people are nice and mean and grumpy and nervous and bored and happy and sad and interesting and moving too fast and standing still and singing and dancing and yelling and running and walking and jumping and poor and wealthy and loving and hatefilled and distracted and focused and ambitious and stagnant and crying and laughing and hugging and hurting and proud and humble and ego centered and eco centered and under nourished and over nourished and brilliant and uneducated and pretentious and genuine and caring and sincere and just trying to get by.

just like everyone and everywhere else.

there's just a lot more of You, here.

i passed You on the street a million times.

the places are places, it's the people that make them.


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