Tuesday, January 8, 2008

checking in occasionally

my bags are packed again. though technically they were never actually unpacked. re-folded and re-placed, like so many other things. i'm moving on, not looking back, but checking in occasionally. my roots are strong and varied and all over the place. and they are my connection to the universe. i have roots in even places i've never been. like so many other things that we can't see. and so many other things that we can imagine.

and where you can't. . ...


you're probably just not trying hard enough.

and even this is just a decision. of all of the things in the world you can hold on to - anger, grief, ego, pride, materialism, resentment. of all these things, you're ability to choose is the only one worth holding onto. and the only one that ever means any little thing and every little thing about you. strong and varied and all over the place as you are.


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