Monday, January 7, 2008

we're only dreaming

it's like that feeling when you suddenly realize you've been dreaming. and now everything looks different, more clear, and you are so very much in control.

i will call on you when your time comes. and when i call, so be it. cause i am so very much in control of this reality when i realize i've been dreaming.

you exist in the space between my fingers, made tangible when i snap. or if not, i'll breathe you in. or if not, i'll let you play in the clouds. until your time comes. when i will call on you. and so be it.

that is the power of intention.
the power of intuition.
power in energy.

you call it what you want. or call it nothing at all. but when i call on you, so be it. like nothing at all.

but tangible is overrated.


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