Thursday, January 5, 2006

Losing sleep and gaining hours

Where am i? What time is it? What's going on?

It's been a weird morning... and in my world it seemed to go on for hours. In my world it's past 1pm. In the real world it's only 10am. Which explains a few things: why the house is still so quiet from sleep, that i didn't sleep through my alarm only reset the current time, how i could sleep for 13 hours (cause i didn't).

But it doesn't explain how i checked the time on my big clock and although i was confused, it seemed to verify the time i saw on my alarm clock. It also doesn't explain the dreams... the nightmares.

Maybe there is some anxiety that i haven't worked out?

Something to do with riding boats in the water. Or maybe they weren't boats. I know they eventually drove on land but maybe they were on land the whole time and i am just confused(well i'm clearly confused no matter what). The boats/land machines shot water missiles, and we were having quite a great time. Suddenly we were on a busy street and i was told to steer, but the vehicle was so high up and the street so busy that i couldn't do it without hitting something. Suddenly we veer off the road and are inside some parking lot type thing surrounded by barbed wire. Oh yeah, i forgot about the cops that randomly showed up before and one of them tried to get me to go home with him. Anyway, we managed to get out of the barbed wire fence and then we all met up at some cafe-ish type thing and i couldn't hear anybody and i only knew two of the people... one boy i dream about often (and in the dream i was telling him about another dream i had earlier in the night about him.... it's so weird when that happens) and a random girl from high school. It was a weird situation for too many reasons. I kept escaping to the bathroom where people would stare at me. Then it gets really weird. I can't open my jaw and i go to the washroom and the random high school girl knows something is wrong and follows me. I go to take the gum out of my mouth (and i am pretty sure this happens often in dreams) and its stuck all over my mouth and in my teeth, so i have to pull and pull and pull and i'm getting gum everywhere and the girls in the washroom and eying me something fierce, and there is gum forever! Someone calls a doctor, someone calls a priest to try to see which one can help... basically, pitting them against one another. And one of the people we are with gives me another stick of gum, which is so weird cause i clearly don't want anymore and i can't figure out what to make of that gesture. Anyway, i think i wake up shortly after the gum fiasco.

The other dream involved the boy who is often in my dreams. We are working in the same building i guess... i don't know what my job is because i don't think i am ever doing it. But his job has some sort of janitorial aspect to it, but is not quite janitorial. Anyway, his usually curly hair is in dreds with some fancy braiding on the end of some of the strands. His buddy who works with him also has a similar hair style. Anyway, he walks by me all day long, but is with people and doing his job while i pretend to do mine, and we just look at each other the whole time but don't say anything. Soon, the girls i work with want me to watch a movie with them, but I feel anxious about that cause i am sure my boss (who i have never seen) is going to bust us not doing work. I haven't done a thing all day, so why i care about this is beyond me... anyway, so we ditch the movie and start driving around with some older dude. I can't work the van doors, and at this point i realize the girls i have been working with are my neighbour/deerfield grad, and a girl i lived with at deerfield. And the dude is going on some killing rampage and we are just to stay in the car the whole time. No one seems to think this is weird, except for me and when he's in one of the many houses to do his business, i manage to open the hightech van doors and jump out of the van. I jump a fence and climb snow banks and plan to sneak into someone's garage and call the cops, but i wake up as i am struggling with the snow bank.

There was also another dream about babies and hockey parents and cats and allegra and some party at my house and some weird bathroom antics (bathrooms are a classic dream scene for me... whatever that means). I can't remember much about this dream though because it was hours ago and i slept and dreamt so much after it.

Anyway, i am feeling thoroughly confused and since i already thought i had stayed in bed until 1pm, i want to get back into bed and actually do it. This time minus all the bad dreams (Writing them out, they don't seem all that bad, but trust me there was a lot anxiety in the dreams and upon waking). I wonder what this all means.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my dream -
I'm a 22-year-old mother of a 9-month-old boy. I keep having the same dream at least once a week. In my dream I'm chewing on chewing gum and go to talk to someone (and its always a different person) so as not to be rude, I try to take the chewing gum out of my mouth but the more I pull at the chewing gum the more my mouth fills with the gum. Can you please help; it's such a strange dream?
Dear Dreamer, The dream suggests that you sometimes have a hard time with words - either in terms of what you want to say gets all stuck in your mouth, or what you say ends up unintentionally hurting someone. Although the dream might be suggesting that you chew way too much gum, I think that it is trying to portray the fact that you are somewhat self-conscious about speaking to people. If this is the case, then let me suggest that you join a group that will give you the opportunity to speak with others - anything from Gymboree with your toddler to toastmasters for yourself. –

My friend would often have dreams about pulling things out of his mouth and teeth. like leaves of lettuce. I didn't know what to say then, and i don't know what to say now.

Friday, January 06, 2006 1:59:00 p.m.  

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