Monday, October 30, 2006

feel as music

life's got everything, eh? funny things, happy things, sad things, weird things, awkward things, boring things, exciting things, scary things, interesting things. lots of things this life's got. i'm impressed. hats off to you.

music's a time when i can forget about me and contemplate life. more music, more of the time. my mother would disagree. but if it weren't for the way that i feel when i listen to music... well, there wouldn't be life. that's just how it goes for me. that's just how i feel. maybe it's different for you. i know for certain this is not how everyone feels. and it sort of pains me to hear.

like i feel i have to enlighten them. but then again, that's just me trying to impose my better-than-everyone's-views on everyone else. not that all my views are better than everyone though. but especially the music thing. it's so personal for some reason.

i am tired.
i am always tired.
what is up with that?

i am digging this sun up thing, these days. with the time change and all. but i am not digging this sun down thing. how am i going to get in my evening walks, when the sun is down by the time i get home and i find it creepy to walk around in the dark.

i need to relax.

everybody just needs to relax.

and i want a typewriter. yeeeah. that's really what i need. typewriter.

i have to think about how to aquire a typewriter now. bye.



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