Tuesday, October 10, 2006


i don't know why, but i might be in love with this picture. i don't know why.

i don't know why.

when i look back over my left - right? right? left? left? left - shoulder just slightly it looks like there is a rather bobble headed man, but a man nonetheless, lying in my bed. there obviously isn't. but i still have to turn and make sure.

one time, i was walking down the street on a rather sketchy dark cold montreal night and i was feeling rather edgy. i ran into a friend who scared the shit out of me because i didn't recognize him in the dark and he looked like a sketcho. so already edgier. and so i'm standing there and i glance ever so slightly over my shoulder and i twirl around flailing cause i'm sure it's some man crouched down behind me, like how my friend wouldn't have noticed, but it is just a parking meter. needless to say, my friend thought i was the sketcho. . ... i was the sketcho.

there were lots of sketchy people in the park today. myself included.

also a possibility: i think everyone is sketchy.

it is still to be determined.

give me something worthwhile to write.


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