Sunday, October 1, 2006

Morning Post

where did all that blood come from?
and what is that smell coming from the washing machine?
now it's many different smells and it's followed me upstairs!

i've had a weird morning all ready. and it's still quite early... well, i guess for the weekend.

what does my timestamp say? it used to be way off when i first started this. i can't remember if i found and changed these settings.

good morning, everyone.

i wish i had a story to tell you. but i don't often tell stories anymore. i used to love telling stories. and i had a story for everything.

which reminds me of a story.

this story is an indication of just how often i used to tell stories.

old roomate one: you know, i have an uncle who owns a peanut farm. *guffaw guffaw eyes wide open and nodding*
me: oh?... why are you looking at me like that.
old roomate two: yeah, he makes peanut butter. *exhibits similar type of nodding*
me: you guys are weird. what's going on?

that was less of a story and more of a play. i don't know what's what anymore?

ok, so i guess the explanation part. shit. i'm bad at this. i've lost my skills.

't'turns that before i had come in they were talking about how i had a story for everything and decided to come up with something totally random that they would bring up (peanuts/peanut butter... peanut butter was an improvised side plan i think when the peanut farm concept didn't take off) when i came in the room and they thought i would come up with a story that i could tell that in some way related to peanut farm. they ruined their chances by the stupid grinning they were doing which, at the time, was my only focus. distracting me from all the possible story-activating neural associations. i have a lot of those.

awesome story. in the sarcastic way. i am going to put asterisks from now on to connote the intonation of sarcasm. is there already a symbol for that somewhere.


i rock. really truly i do. a ha. yeah, not so much.

onto other things, i suppose.


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