Thursday, November 30, 2006

is that a SLEIGH BELL i hear!?

aren't you guys excited? man, i love december one. so much hope. so much christmas excitement. so much longing for beautiful winter nights. so much keen for buying presents and having them be

so-oo good.

if that was in a thought bubble maybe you'd get the reference. that was sarcasm. for even with the thought bubble, probably no one would get the reference. peeps. checks it. teen girl squad, more specifically to find this reference.

anyway, i love december one. i have so much christmas spirit at this early stage in the game. even though i already think it's late, because i know for so many previous years, i have thought to myself, i will be done by december one next year. no more going through this last minute anxiety. but i'm sure i'll do it again this year. but at this point, i'm not worried about that.

know what else i'm not worried about? that migraine that's been plaguing me for two days. because it's pretty much gone. just a little bit of that linger linger. but for the most part. all better. still my ears need popping, but all within the limits of handling.

ok, so ladies and gentlemen. i'm going to get back to my only happened once before tradition, but i am super excited about it, but with a fresh squeeze this year. remember the weeks of december christmas mixes. but with a twist. i have made like five mixes this year. they are for different people at work. there are still more to make. much of which will overlap with last year's mixes and the other person's mixes. but they will all be enough explained that you will know which ones interest you. last year, it was only for myself. this year, i think of others.

oh, also. i am going to plagiarize last year's christmas countdown. because even recycled can be new a year later. it will bring you back. i promise. unless you are new here.

- i love these parts. when i start talking to my audience like i have one. it feels so... multiple personality delusional. it's awesome. you should try it. -

anyway, you don't get a mix today. nor do you get a picture. obviously. it's only november thirty, people. it's like waiting to open your christmas presents. or waiting for others to open your christmas presents. like when you get something you really think they'll like. i feel like an asshole: yeah, you'll have to wait till december twenty-five, cause like that's the day man. it has to build itself up in this totally intense number of hours and the peak is supposed to be so much more up there than the rest of time. forget that mentality people. sets you up for crashing. start enjoying it now.

you should see how i used to write a year ago. totally different. much more easy to understand. so weird how it's like reading what someone else has written. so weird how it's me. i used to write in real sentences, people, i swear. i sort of like it. it's sort of weird.

ok, i love you people.

love is not weird, people. relax.

maybe it's the codeine in the tylenol talking.

i love you people.

i already said that.


Blogger carrie said...

you ramble a lot. you should at least break it up with some images.

Thursday, November 30, 2006 11:55:00 a.m.  

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