Wednesday, November 8, 2006

the temperature comes from inside

it's time again. maybe a little earlier this year. it's christmas time. i don't know why today of all days, but it's officially started for me. and i wonder if i'll find any more holiday awesome songs this year. i am excited, because i have done so much of the work already. i'm more prepared this year, think. thanks to last year.

oi vay.

why i come off so bahumbug about everything, when i'm enjoying myself so.


maybe cause everything stresses me so.

ok, going to dedicate myself to listening to music now. it is all i can really concentrate on and my hands are so cold that i will find something to warm them because it's making my neck tense, or maybe that's the thinking about shopping for christmas anxiety. *lalalalalalalala* i can't hear you.


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