Sunday, November 5, 2006

sunday november

most importantly, i need some time alone sometimes.

mweh mweh mweh mweh mweh
i'm only accepting virtual company right now.

sunday is for getting things done
unexpectectedly getting things done

there is no rhyme or reason for any of it at least not that i am aware.
i am not aware.
i'm unaware.

i am aware now

i like to wear this hat on my head. i wear it almost every chance i can get. i've always liked hats, but though this one in particular. just by being on my head it is massaging it, as hats tend to do, but this one hugs my head not loose, not tight, just there and covering everything that can even be considered forhead, and even my eyes if i was so inclined, as i sometimes can be. and it is beautiful for when your head hurts, as mind is so inclined to be. is that how you spell forhead? you would think i would know. i should know.

i like to wear the colour gray. or at least much that i wear on a regular basis and when i am lounging (a lot of the time) around the house is usually gray. gray is supposed to be depressing or something, or interact in some not the greatest way with your energy. but i don't feel this about gray. i feel comfortable. like brown too. is supposed to be a not so great colour for wearing and feeling optimally. but sometimes i'm most optimal at gray and brown. sometimes it's important for me to be there.

the hat is gray. that is why.

i sewed a lot of things back together today. clothes, basically. clothes only, actually. but i feel like someone should give me a doll that lost something that i could sew back on, and maybe the doll has sentimental value to you and you can't sew? who can't sew? is this possible? it's just like in and out with a needle. anyway, hopefully people can't and i will sew your doll back together, or something like a doll, like with sentimental value. and so i repair it and you are very happy and i am happy then, too. you should know though that i am just doing it for my own happiness. not yours. yours is just an innocent bystander. in a good luck accident.

it doesn't matter why i feed the poor, as long as i feed the poor.

this, my friends, is how the world goes round.
this, my friends, is what makes it work.
this, my friends, this thing called life.

i'm so lucky to be wearing my gray hat and having it be so kind as to massage my head while i wear it and look cool, though sometimes ridiculous at the same time and that is the best way to look, at least it is my favourite.

you don't even match.

sometimes there is no reason for question marks.



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