Saturday, November 4, 2006

choose your own adventure

because i didn't know where else to go, i imagined a road. what kind of road you ask? well, of course, i will oblige you.

the details of course, are of the most importance.

reflect on your choices.

so, i was walking down a road. more specifically, i was walking on the side of the road and the streets are paved of gold. i am not wearing shoes, and the grass is high up to my ankles, and luscious and green and ripples, like waves, from the wind. incidentally, i look like a kid out of a painting. with overalls, rolled up, a straw hat and straw, also, from my mouth. perhaps fishing rod over my shoulder?

i didn't make that up... am i just allowed to steal?

lie back, be still. go on.

i have my hands safely in my pockets, my shoulders hunched, walking at an angle as if there were wind, but there isn't any more than just this slight breeze.

maybe i am even a boy, i'm not sure.

the road stretches onto the horizon. i do not see end. the sun is low and setting on the road, like it is my goal. the gold is ablaze in the road, and i can feel it hot without even touching it. i forget to not take for granted the cool fresh grass on my feet. i bounce slightly on the balls of my feet in symbolic apreciation.

i appreciate you. symbolically.

from behind, i hear the rumblings of the comings of a truck, beat up and dusty, i can already tell though i haven't turned. i forget to not take for granted my favourable luck. the truck stops just to my left, i haven't even yet to glance over. when the truck stops, i jump right in. and i ride into the sunset in an old pick up truck on a road blazing gold.

the road is ablaze of gold.


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