Wednesday, January 31, 2007

hiccups and muscle spasms

i've got a thing for hats.
i've got a thing for a lot of things.
i wouldn't call myself so much a collector...?

people ask me why i wear my tuque. whatever one i happen to be wearing. all the time? sometimes i take the easy road.

i'm cold.

but then other times i get into it.

how i like the feeling. how i find my head being covered comforting. understandable stuff really.

but really i hardly get into it.

take for example right now. this is a prime example of why i like to wear hats. because my head feels engulfed by the hat. the hat feels like it's moving somewhat or wiggling. and it is a very awesome head massage. there is nothing quite like this feeling in the world. sometimes it gets so heavy my neck hurts and i just have to pay attention to my posture to recover. but still.

so heavy it hurts.

this is one of my favourite moments of all time.

chewing gum sometimes intensifies it.


ps. can someone tell if they know anything about hiccups and/or something related to muscle spasms....?


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