Saturday, January 13, 2007

what's right is right.

i'm going to be even choosier about the things i say and do.
i'm going to resolve some of this conflict.

besides, you have to choose because there's so much to choose from and you can't do it all. just do what you know you have to do. do what you know is right. and hope everyone else is just doing the same. and just hope that these don't collide with each other. and even if they do, a little conflict never hurt anybody. a little collision in life is a good thing.

not these kinds that cause violence. not the ones that cause war. cause you know someone doesn't really believe they are right. they turn to violence to convince themselves they think it's right.

the only time i get worked up aggressively is when i'm wrong about something. it's a cloudy process. and i can't always sense something is wrong. and i'm so much more stubbornly sure that i am right than even when i am.

that process of resolving circuitous dissonance.

not like standing in line so long for a movie that sucks. not when it's coming only from a situation entirely created inside your head.

why is it so terrifying looking inside your own head? why is it so difficult to make sense of it even anyway? why do so few people do it?

but right vs. right is an interesting collision. and one that seeks for itself a just resolution because it knows there has to be one. and one that builds for both perspectives a bigger sphere from which to view the world.

and not always does everyone else have to understand.

peace, babies.


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