Tuesday, February 6, 2007


i better be breif, babies. it's almost that time. it will be weird to watch it this way.

but here is my epiphane of the day. i feel i should probably have one every day. and i feel i should get better at writing about it.

a long long while ago, when i first started working in an office (by this, i mean under a year. which feels like ages. like a number of different selves back). and i was stapling yet another pages together. and thinking how much staples i send out. how many paper clips leave my desk. how much paper *gasp* how much paper...?!

so they just keep creating staple afer staple after staple. and they're small but they just keep making them right. and they'll add up. and where do they go? why aren't more people concerned about this. where will they go?

people need to only buy things that take up as little space as possible as to still be reasonable for the particular thing and its function. and people need to buy as little as is reasonable to function. and people should keep these things in mind. for example, if i use a public bathroom, if there is no air dryer and i can't be expected to wipe my hands on my pants given the particular setting and situation, i will use very few pulls on the paper dispenser to serve my drying needs. i do not see it anymore as being very little, sometimes i think i should do less, but the difference between two and three pulls is the difference between too little and too much, and you don't have much option to have what's in the middle. i also know it is little because i watch others pull five or six times. sometimes more! and i know, because i used to do this. it was easy and lazy and i wasn't really mindful during any of it. one little conscious decision later and i feel like i have made some sort of small impact. and you know what? it might not be much, but to me it feels significant.

all we can do is try. all we can do is be responsible for our own actions. all of them.

i want to divest myself of all my things. but i can't throw things away. i need to make a greater effort to give it away. my cds for example. what is the point of them if i ripped them all to my computer so i can more easily listen on my computer. what is the point of a cd anymore when the music can all be purchased online. with so much less waste. with so much less material taking up physical space.

people should pass things along. people should share. people, i will have to give away all my cds.

does anybody still listen to cds?

oh man. it's that time...

i had so very much more to say i think.

peace, babies.


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