Friday, February 2, 2007

everybody get outside

what is the deal? it's about seven pee emm and everyone in my household is asleep. i'm not talking just fell asleep watching tv or anything. like lights off nobody's home type sleeping. it's creepy. it's seven pee emm.

there's a general crabbiness in the air these days. i think we're all about ready for brighter days. though i have yet to skate again this winter... i still have plenty of time.

speaking of changing seasons, phil the groundhog either saw his shadow or didn't, i never remember... just that it's early spring. and though i know i always take great stock in these predictions, i am not sure that i actually follow through weeks from now with making that mental note of whether or not the groundhog was correct. and even by that time i'll have forgotten what the prediction was in the first place.

my cats are going to seriously crazy. i think they need out, too.


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