Friday, June 15, 2007

blog blargh

you're everything for the moment and a moment is everything. cause the only way to live is right now. i find freedom in the words that you've bestowed on me.

i tried hard to abate, to wait, to hate, too late. cause everything - everything - happens different in the morning. it wouldn't be right to take credit for these ideas because you know if it's ego, you should let go. and everything else comes from somewhere outside of you.

and anyway what happened to making sense? what happened to everything in order? forget about it, buster. that went out the window a long time ago. there was more to it then and there's more to it now and i don't know but maybe we're ready to see. bring it on, buster - we're ready to see.

and like a small child scared of punishment and consequences, she winces and holds her breath and asks for forgiveness before she's even done anything wrong.

and how can you even expect me to know what the right answer is?


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