Wednesday, May 23, 2007

just an acknowledgment email: yes, i'm still here.


i can't believe i am back. had to take things back into my own hands. had to get the job done.

do it yourself, obviously. duh.

this is a much better situation than it was before. doors closed and opened, you know? down and up, like usual. a roller coaster ride.

i'm not gonna lie. i stole your pringles, i hope you don't mind. i'll only eat a few. but i know you don't mind.

why are there so many opened cannisters? it doesn't make sense and when things don't make sense, that worries me. but whatever. enough worry for the day. i'm back on the internet for peter's sake. you missed me while i was gone.

i can tell. (no i can't). i can tell.

i have lots of things to do now. lots! toodles.


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