Thursday, August 30, 2007

boxcar meetings and feather bags

there are signs everywhere. obvious to the point just before hitting me in the face with it. there is a call. to a simpler more natural life. where family support is strong and easily accessed. where people move as a unit, not like separate beings interested only in their own individual desire. a community of greater gooders interested in mutual happiness and welfare. i worried i might have given up the dream. but it never dies. the obvious never dies. the truth is a direction that beckons more consistently though maybe not with such glitzy lights. it's voice is calmer and wiser and speaks to a part of me that recognizes only what is right though speaks quietly so as not to disturb me. a pleasurable housemate though i sometimes forget he is there. like a cat that lets themself in and out and only complains when you forget to feed him.

but i think you know. i think there is some wisdom you hold ransom. but i think you know you'll know.

how wonderful you've seen the same signs. you seem to travel easier and write fewer postcards. i hope one day i'll meet you in a boxcar; you'll hold my hand and pull me in. i'll drop my pencil on the passing rail, but you'll have extras of many things. though your bag seems filled only with feathers.


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