Sunday, January 20, 2008

this spiritual-science evolution-revolution

for the real scientist, for the real spiritualist, science and spirituality are one. for the real scientist, for the real spiritualist, everything is one. vibrations, energy, light. no divide.

this love, unconditional.

sure, somewhere we got off track. sure, the divide seems more in your face than the oneness. but it's there. people are melting back into it as we speak, more and more and more and more. like one of those exponential graphs (yay, science).

yay God. yay God.

it's just that the divided are so much more in your face. they must shout and flail and cry and make angry faces. it is their dissonance. it is their internal guide. i would shout and flail and cry and make angry faces if i were lost, too. (yes, i did when i was)

from the place we started to the place we are now, we are not so far. we needed to venture off the track, as scientists, as spiritualists, to complete the experience. to get us back to the beginning. to be the light.

we used to leave the science to the spiritualists and science was the study of God. indeed, where would we have ever gotten if we weren't at first inspired by the divine? but everybody and their ego got involved and science wanted to be God, instead of the other way around. but with these God minds studying this God universe, there is so much to be learned. there is so much that we can point to and say 'see, i did that. i made that. i understand that. i am god'. so for years, we have been doing that and making that and understanding that with little resistance. God is patient, lambs. and all-knowing. you can only do and make and understand so much before you come to that wall. it's a wall for a 'scientist' of course. for the spiritualist, it is a gap and it is this gap where all the fun begins, leaps of faith and walking on water and levitation.

there will always be a limit to what we can do and make and understand, and this limit is where God is proven.

but hope, i urge you. because our vibration is expanding and i know more spiritual-scientists than divideds. just more humble. less in your face. this is an evolution-revolution. we've turned back to our roots, but in an even higher state. we are going on six, seven, eighty, ninety percent with these God brains. we're learning to heal, to float, to be light. the materials of science have been useful for getting us to this point, the point of abandoning such materials of science and technology. to the point of discovering all our divine potential.

shine on, Godlings.


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