Sunday, February 10, 2008

keen observations on Life and the Moon

the new moon is actually no moon at all, at least when you are looking for it. the new moon rises with the sun and sets with the sun, so from where we see it, it is all in shadow. though, we're not usually looking for it in the middle of the day. but by golly, it's there - by golly.

a blue moon, more recently, refers to the second full moon in a month, and more historically and meaningfully the third full moon in a season with four full moons (because they usually only have three), chosen as such for it's role in determining the date of Easter and keeping the ecclesiastical calendar on track. but, this is way back when we payed any attention at all to the moon.

every full moon has a different name based on it's month. for example, crow moon, grass moon, egg moon. this year, we get a real treat if you are going by the more recent definition of a blue moon: a blue grass moon. sweet. get out the banjo... when you name something, you give it respect, you give it a purpose, a life. it seems like back then, the moon used to mean something. and probably a more general attitude of respect for the world around... one day i would like to fully appreciate the significance of these names. some day, i'll great vibe. some day, i'll let the earth decide.

in other parts of the world, they don't have near sightedness, because the people never look at anything close so they don't get real good at it like we do - at the expense of the other. they are always looking in the distance, so they see well in the distance. we hardly look anywhere beyond how far you need to when driving. but i've heard that if you stare at the moon every night for long enough you will be able to see better in the distance. it's probably just a theory so far. somebody let me know if you want to test it, and we'll make an experiment of it.


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