Friday, February 10, 2006

Dear Robots

That is your reality, my friend. The reality is that we just simply don't know. None of us have ever died and lived to tell about it - or at the least, lived in a way that allows them to communicate with this life. We are all the creators of our own reality, anyway. Though most of the time, i don't feel like i am in control of my reality and yet somehow my reality is being created specifically for me.

Do you ever find yourself reading books or watching shows or having conversations that all seem to build upon each other? Do you ever find yourself shocked by the seemingly 'coincidental' nature of it all? It's like that almost all day for me. I just pick my books randomly from the shelf and somehow it's the perfect book to drive home some point that i have already been leaning towards, or it builds upon some concept that i had already started building and presently, the relevance of it all has been heightened tenfold. It's amazing if you are paying attention to it.

Of course, i can't be sure that others are having the same experiences. So it makes me wonder a few things: (a) do those of you who seem confused when i talk about this just not notice the synchrnocities in your own life? (b) have i just not talked to enough people, and once i do will find that a majority of the world lives in the same kind of life-built-just-for-them? (c) was this whole world built just for me?... which of course leads to the: are you all robots? problem. I suppose even if you told me that you lived in this same kind of life-built-just-for-you, i could surmise that you have all been programmed to say these things and yes, indeed, you are all still robots. Now, how is that for egocentric?

Self as centre.

... and now, for some news from around the continent:

GLASSPORT, Pa. -- A local man said he plans to find the person who shot his cat with an arrow.

BOSTON -- A former waitress at a Brockton strip club was accused of mailing explosive packages to other area strip clubs. The Boston Globe reported that she allegedly did it because she was tired of being mistreated by men.
Kimberly Lynn Dasilva, 40, of Hull, was arrested by FBI agents and State Police Friday and charged in connection with the mailings last September.
Dasilva also allegedly sent the packages containing condoms filled with Drano and gasoline to a local college and several media outlets. It's unclear why those locations were chosen.

... and my personal favourite (unfavourite):

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A transit bus driver grabbed a woman by the hair, knocked her head into a pole, opened the door and tossed her into traffic after she yelled at him for missing her stop, police said.
The 52-year-old woman, who was not identified, suffered a broken shoulder.

Can we say OUTRAGEOUS?... and not in the way that people abuse the word - this is an outrageous party, woot, woot. out'rage n. 1. shocking act or crime. 2. deep insult.

If people keep using our words lightly and poorly, the words lose their meaning and we don't have the words when we need them.

And yes, i know if i'm looking for bad news that's all i am going to get. It's just that the bad news is just so much badder than the good news is good.


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