Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Over the Hump Day

It is officially closer to the next weekend than the last weekend. Is that how people live? From weekend to weekend? My weekends aren't much different from my weekdays so I don't know why i still protect this shiny image i have of weekends. I mostly just get bored without the intermittent work tasks from the dad. Then i just check and check and check for updates on people's blogs and since they probably have shiny weekends, they don't write so often and/or everyone updates early in the day so that i have read all the new posts by ten in the morning and am checking back for no reason. My parents have taken to abandoning me and bruder most weekends, which i - still in my high school days, i guess - always get excited about. But really it just means that i have to feed myself all weekend and make sure the kitchen is clean by the time they get back on sunday. Inevitably i call their cellys sunday morning to find out how long they are going to be. I like to pretend it's so i know how much more freedom i have, but really it's to find out when mom will be home to cook for me again.

I went grocery shopping with my mom today (read i was hijacked by my mother to deliver some document which was almost late and so she didn't have time to park and get out of the car and on the way home she stopped at the grocery store when i just wanted to get back home to read my celebrity fashion gossip on newly discovered blog Go Fug Yourself) and she asked me if mushrooms and steak was alright for dinner... or something like that. I wasn't even listening. I just told her that i didn't really care what she was making as long as she was feeding me. She made that i-have-such-rotten-kids face, but i didn't see what she was so upset about. What i meant by my apparently rude comment was that i wasn't going to demand her to make whatever my mouth fancied on this particular day/i am not some bratty spoiled fussy kid/i love your food so much that it's all good and if i suggested something i would only hamper your creative culinary juices. See?... i should have been getting the my-kid-is-so-perfect face.

Getting back to the new celebrity fashion gossip blog, as i feel i have to explain that i am not some vapid celebrity obsessed bimbo (though of course i am). The girls that run this blog are hilarious. They notice everything and they sprinkle their vapid celebrity obsessiveness in with sharp - although sometimes rather cruel - commentary. But what i love about it is that i often love some of the apparently horrendous outfits. After hours of pouring over these images, i have now decided that i could easily be a celebrity because i would fit right in. My sis once told me that i stepped right out of In Touch magazine - though i am sure she did not mean this in a good way. It seems that celebrities are all over the homeless-cutup-truckerhat-boho-mishmash-baggy-unkept look. I've got that down! In my own words, 'i dress like a jackass'... and apparently that's a style.... and i wasn't even trying!

My mom once told me 'you like to cut things. that must mean something'... it means i have vision, yo!

Unfortunately for those who were feeling the look, i have officially departed from the Britney fashion world as i got me some soap and my clothes are happily swimming around in suds as we speak - and for anyone who hasn't been watching Britney Federline's fashion choices they include grass stains and coke stains and all over uncleanliness, eugh. Although my clothes are all still unwashed or in the process of being washed, I pleasantly realized this morning that i am cleaner than i have been in a long time. I had to take a look in my closet this morning only to remember that i only wear about one tenth of my wardrobe and have been recycling the entire contents of what is now - and should have been a long time ago - my laundry basket on a daily basis. We all know that jeans hold together better with dirt, so don't judge me. But back to this morning's outfit choice: i discovered the most comfortable pair of army green chords that i haven't worn in something like two years. They are nothing special or stylish or form fitting or anything that would even slightly give off the impression that i cared more about style than comfort, which means they are perfect. I found an old army green old navy shirt that doesn't exactly fit me as well! So i'm pretty much incognito today, blending in with the glaringly white decor of the grocery store, in order to keep out of the flashing papparazi (fat italian singer on a motorbike?) eye. I don't want to see my celebrity self on Go Fug Yourself tomorrow complete with harsh commentary on what i think is an entirely perfect outfit... and clean!

Ok, so back to reality.

Shoveling makes your back hurt but in a good way. I won't lie - i don't hate it.

Choir practice tonight... la la la la la la la. Time to rock out like the church rockstars we truly are!


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