Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, Z

As it is z's birthday today, i am dedicating this post to her by rehashing every story i can think of at the moment that pertains to her.

Z loves to race. She races at everything. It's her highly competitive nature, i guess. So one time we were leaving the Sportsplex and z decides that she will beat everyone to the waiting car. She had no problem beating us, as no one was racing. Once there, she quickly jumped in the waiting vehicle and paused triumphantly in a victorious celebration starting at us losers out the window. Then suddenly it dawned on her. This car full of chinese people is not my car and she was back out on the pavement in record time as we laughed hysterically.

One day mom took z out to get her hair cut. When she returned with the ever popular mushroom cut, i, as bigger sisters are expected to do, laughed hysterically until i fell down on the walkway. Z bawled and i was grounded. From then on z hated her haircut, which is unfortunate cause it was actually mad cute. K laughed too and was sent to her room as well, but as the eldest and coolest and most sought after sister, she was easily able to manipulate z into talking mom into letting her out.

Z used to mix up the colours yellow and white, and i believe she still does. It's not that she can't tell the colours apart, it's that she has a labelling problem.

Z raised a ton of money for cancer with the American Cancer Society Relay For Life that she organizes at school. Good on you, z! As someone who has lost someone close to cancer, i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Z once made me a beeswax candle shaped like a gingerbread man. We were obsessed with beeswax candles for a time and we had more than you can shake a candle at. Then we kind of got sick of them, as people tend to do after a while.

Z and i used to play gymnastics on my parents bed, running all the way down the hall (from inside the bathroom if we really wanted to build up some momentum) and doing flips on the bed. We also used to play wrestling on their bed... though many times it was not so much play but full out pain infliction. I once stabbed her with keys.... and w bit her on the back. I believe she was stronger than us even back then, so we had to fight dirty. I can't really say that i am sorry, because i am sure it was out of self defense more than anything.

On our last road trip together, z drove with dad and i drove with mom. Before hand we printed out dozens of tough sudoku puzzles, two copies of each. Then we put a number in every corner. Then we would call each other from different cars and say something like "starting puzzle 10 NOW" and then we would get to work. When you were done you would call over the other car and tell them you won. I always won.

When we used to drive back and forth the five hours to our prep school, we would always have our laptops going, playing games and listening to music and whatnot. But because we didn't have internet in the car, we couldn't message each other back and forth. So instead, we wrote on our own screens to the other and then leaned over to read the other's message. We were internerds even then.... and look where it's taken me!

When we took first year spanish together at prep school, z, knowing full well that i was having a difficult time adjusting to the new school and the lack of friends, asked me not to sit next to her in class anymore.

We ended up doing our spanish presentation together at the end of the year. I can't remember what we did it on or what we did... but i know it went well.

One time when our hockey teams were playing against each other, i hit z from behind (i was a bit of a dirty player). My mom screamed from the stands, "Throw her out of the game!" Thanks mom.

Z is the no. one fan of my music. We sang a song together that i wrote for k's wedding. i might have died if she wasn't up there with me. I put on a little family show at Easter last year, and z tried to sing every song with me, even the ones she didn't know. She tells me that she plays my songs in the dressing room and people sing along. I cringe at the thought.

Z developed a magic ability when we used to share the same bed. I was sick with migraines all the time and nauseous pretty much every other night. After years of this, sometimes i could sleep right through the whole thing and throw up in my sleep - gross, i know. Well, z developed a similar kind of talent. She could sense in her sleep that i was going to be sick. She would then leap from the bed and land in a still horizontal position on the floor, all the while still asleep. My mom would come in to the room and find one girl on the floor, vomit in the place she used to sleep and another girl who had obviously just been sick... both sleeping soundly, like nothing had happened.

I used to have to help z clean and organize her room. She was a tad on the messy side. We would have races - she loved to race - where we would run to a meeting spot and the winner would pick the next task: pick up laundry, clean up toys, etc. and then we would run off again to complete the task. And on the really big cleanup days i would go through all of her belongings and force her to only keep what she needed and found the perfect spot for everything she kept. I believe i turned into something of an organizing freak. She makes her bed everyday now! Meanwhile, i wade around in my own trash... not really, but i certainly don't make the effort that z makes.

One summer, z and i spent every day lying on the couch watching movie after movie after movie that had been recorded from television. We had quite the extensive collection but none of them were properly labelled. So we watched every one and labelled them all. We may not have left the couch in weeks. And quite possibly we built a fort and lived in it during that time.

People mistook us for twins for a good majority of our lives. It didn't help that we had the same jobs, played on the same teams, attended the same camps... my aunt would always buy us matching christmas presents and k would always get something cooler.

There's obviously many more stories, but i have to pack now. Always with the last minute packing.

Happy birthday, z-cakes! Hope it's a good one. See you in some hours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was very sweet...thank you ever so much for the memories!!!


Friday, February 17, 2006 12:09:00 p.m.  

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