Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Love, Where You Come From?

i've said it before. i'll say it again.
i've heard it before. i'll hear it again.

got a story.

and when you find it, you should always be able to say: shizz. that shizz is worse than my shizz. i'm so glad i have my shizz over that person's shizz.

mom:what did you just say?
me: shizz.
mom: what's that?
me: haha, mom. that's just something snoop dogg says.

*shrugs* meh. surprisingly that ended the topic right there. word not stricken from the record.

i do it just to test limits. it's all a game. i have to keep myself entertained somehow, don't i? . . i suppose i could test my limits in other ways.

it's important that you love where you come from. basically, it's a matter of loving yourself. then it's mere logic. i am me. i came from where i come from. i am where i came from. i love me. i love where i came to. i love were i come from.

love where you come from.
forgive where you come from.
live where you come from.
be where you come from.
express where you come from.
express yourself.
love yourself.
live yourself.
forgive yourself.
be yourself.

be yourself.
i love you.

love is selfless.
pure love is self less.
pure love is selfish.


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