Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who's In Control Of This Thing

a picturebox came in the mail today. a picturebox of surprises!

a picturebox!

i know! i can't believe it! i can't stop yelling it in my head!
you wouldn't believe it if i told you.

am i in control of this thing? am i the one who is making these things happen? and if so, why me? what gives me that privilege? and how do i exercise more control over it?

with great power comes great responsibility. . but i already knew that.

it's suspicious though, no? highly sus-pect? it's a little too well ordered, a little too fully in-tact. impossible to ignore. . so why're you all ignoring it, then!?

this is a picturebox: we're all inside it.

mainly it's about change. it's about letting it all go but never forgetting. it's about learning something from everything and everyone. it's about putting everything in the best light. it's about brutal honesty and truth. it's about aesthetics. it's about blurry distinctions and clearly ordered boxes. it's about navigating through life: future, past and present. it's about navigating through your life. it's about navigating through my life. it's about myself. it's about imposing my outlook on other people. it's about imposing myself on others. it's about not imposing myself on others. it's about unimposing strict rules. it's about undefined order. it's about perfection. it's about chaos. it's about creation. it's about imagination. it's about fantasy. it's about reality. it's about dreams. it's about understanding. it's about patience. it's about joy. it's about love.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about maybe a picture of the picture box??


PS. Who else reads this?? Just me??

Tuesday, July 11, 2006 9:02:00 p.m.  
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