Monday, July 10, 2006

Paying Closely Attention

is it strange? that we live with these animals? and we sit and we stare at them? and rub them? and take pictures of them? and basically, don't you just sometimes look at a pet and think oh my! wow! look at that. that. creature. oh my! wow! and it just lives in my house and i don't ever really know what it's thinking and that's a large amount of trust and. . well, that's just what i feel like sometimes.

oooooooh. stupid. stupid. stupid. *sneezes*

you forgot to remind me not to touch my face after the hour long petting session. now, wash hands immediately.

whatever. i still have the most crazy chilly cats ever.

you can tell things about a person by the way they feel about animals. of course. every little thing is meaningful when you are paying closely attention.

what kind of umbrella do you own?


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