Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sheep Coats

interrupted. interruptions. everything is an interruption from what i want to do. which is nothing. at least that's the way it looks from the outside. through the square.

everything's fuss. fuss. fuss. everyone's fussing all over everything. fussers, i've another eff word for you.

i blame you for all the fuss.

i'm worried that everyone but a select few have just gone plain crazy. the madness in the world. astounds me. it simply astounds me. it frightens me. and the sheer volume and force of it all is so clear to me that i tingle constantly with anxiety. has the whole world gone mad? can i trust no one?

just look at the number of pedaphiles you can coax to one location. one location. in the space of time they spend taping the specials i see frequently on tv. one location. and they've done this a number. a number. of times. it's. . sickening. doctors. lawyers. religious leaders. teachers. all busted right there on national tv. awesome. sickening.

a whole new spin on reality tv. now that's reality. tv.

but we've created this. i guess. we've created a whole new era of crime. hilarious that privacy protection becomes high priority in a world that splashes itself all over the internet all day long. not created, perhaps (if there's anything that i've learned from my time in science it's that certain causality just basically doesn't exist in what we know of life), but enabled at the least. or brought it up front. up front.

well. that would be easier, wouldn't it? no sheep coats. wolves walking up all 'hey, i'm a wolf.'

i'll do this for you. i've always got to be doing something for someone.


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