Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Sneaks and Cutesy Tops

oi vé. how do people deal with the responsibility? the sheer pressure of it all? to live up to their own potential? and how do others walk around completely ignoring it? unaware that they have yet to live up to one enth of their potential? and how come they aren't staggering under the pressure? even if they ignore it, shouldn't it still be there?

right·eous: Morally upright, without guilt or sin; In accordance with virtue or morality; Morally justifiable

i know many righteous people. certainly, most would not call themselves righteous. certainly, most would not want to risk getting caught up in the societal implications. certainly, the truly righteous lack judgment and so would have no need for such a label anyway.

i am righteous.
oh. so you think you're better than me, huh?


i bought a yellow and salmon pair of shoes today. rychuss, dudes. and other equally rychuss striped t-shirts and tank tops and vibrantly bright or highly planned decay golf shirts. i can't help it, i guess. i love clothes. i love things. i have a lot of them. i can't lie. i struggle trying to decide if this makes me a bad person. i have so many things, so many people have so little. i like to think that i could live without it all. i know i could. . could i? i'm not attached, right? can i blame myself for having these things? can i blame myself for this time and space and situation that i have been born into? can i blame myself for having no reason to turn down materialistic pleasures?

i. sure. can.

can i still enjoy my rychuss new sneaks and cutesy tops?

i. sure. can.


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