Thursday, June 29, 2006


that's a lot to do in one night. but i feel like tonight will be effective. put on your game faces.


things are getting in the way. i've already done that for the day.


my mom picked me up outside liz claiborne today, where i was buying her birthday present and subsequently buying myself a skirt and some jewellery, because gosh darnit they have some cute clothes in there - and the salespeople liked me or at least pretended to and that's enough for me.

me: 'i bought a skirt. they have some cute skirts.'
my mom: 'you wear liz claiborne.'
me: 'they have some cute skirts.'

everyone's always so suspicious around their birthday.


oi-vay. the lists seems endless suddenly. carry on.

and oh. i am in love with this skirt. this will brighten many days.

ok. carrying on. *pauses to twirl in skirt a little more*



which should in turn make packing easier to do. . .


i've changed my mind, i've got plenty of time. and i just want to finish this.

i hope this thing doesn't time-out.

the following is not complaining: my left ring finger hurts, the right side of my jaw hurts, my shoulders hurt all the time and my neck is stiffening. each only really bothering me if i pay attention to it, so not a big deal. but i'm thinking. maybe work doesn't agree with me? maybe the aerodynamics (this is the wrong word but will have to-do as i cannot come up with the other) of my work station are not inline. maybe the repetitive features of some of my employment related to-dos have caused physical deterioration already! i'm worried, friends. but nothing i can't counteract with a daily dose of vigorous stretching. it will be alright.

i just forgot to take my vitamins.

stay the course, friends.



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