Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hip to be Square

wait for it. wait for it.


and long exhale.

settle in, folks. i've no idea what to expect. and i don't plan on using any of the control options.

i'm hungy now. they didn't feed us at the square dance for squares. it shouldn't have come as a surprise that squares eat like leave it to beaver. well, i don't think i have seen one episode of leave it to beaver, but i'm sure they would be appalled by the concet of dinfast. i'm sure most people would.

we've never been most people.

just to be a fly on the wall in one of these people's homes. any of them. any one.

no one's ever been most people.

and yet. there are some things that are pretty much universal.

love. . the great equalizer.

seriously, is that what they say the great equalizer is? or is it something else? or can i use it for anything that i think it's appropriate for? wouldn't 'the great' imply it can only be one thing? is that from a poem? have i ever known this? should i feel like i should?

so far google says money, marriage, the atom bomb, technology... now i'm tired of the search and feel i have answered my question.

be like children. that was the theme of the homily today.

for a sqaure dance for squares it was a pretty hip mass: interfaith dialogue, read the Koran, be like children, learn philosophy, criticize your leaders, pacifism and reason.

mom *frowning*: like who has a copy of the Koran kicking around?

actually, i do. and it's been on my project list for a while.

you know. for squares they don't square dance very well. maybe everyone's so a-flutter from the occasional hand touching.


let's get married.

purple. purple. purple. purple.

pink + blue.




mom: like you even know anything about kissing.
me: do you really think that....... are you really that....... and you still think i'm nor...... are you worried that i...... is that how i........ seriously?????!!


circles and squares.


unfortunately, i did not grab any melba toast on my trip to the kitchen. i did not even grab any water. it was just a cover story. but then i never covered. i'm a sloppy spy today. i will blame the rye.

most likely i will have to make the trip again. the cover has become the mission. i love melba toast.

someone tell me that when i say i love plain melba toast the way it kind of suctions to your tongue when you eat it, in the same way that the inside of pita bread does, they know what i mean. because people look at me like i am crazy when i tell them this.

i evoke this type of reaction for lots of different reasons and from most people.

screw you, cause some people find it endears me.

Pronunciation: in-'dir, en-
Function: transitive verb
1 obsolete : to make higher in cost, value, or estimation
2 : to cause to become beloved or admired

but what endears you to others, i may just find annoying. c'est. la vie.

cause even the weirdest people are making purple.

once again. love is the great equalizer.

along with technology and the atomb bomb.


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