Thursday, September 7, 2006


i can write nothing that will sum up how i feel. i can write nothing that will express even an inch of the way i feel about so many people and creatures and places and things and experiences.

i can write nothing.

but i will anyway.

people are the best. that is the most vague and most accurate statement ever. and the last part was a blanket as it is my favourite use for a phrase. we're not talking stereotype judgment blankets. we're talking the warm comfy kind of blanket. what's the point of a blanket if it isn't warm and comfy.

i'd write a song for everyone if i had the time. no. scratch that. i'll write a song for everyone. and i'll write until i run out of time.

er. time. whatever. wrong ballgame.

i hear a grumble or two about my 'people are the best' comment. yes, i hear it ahead of time and through the computer screen. don't argue with me, i'm always right.

you are saying but what about so and so who do such and what?

i say boohonky. i just made that up.

i say boohonky for a number of reasons.

(a) you will never be able to understand someone's intentions until you are sucked into a black hole and your whole mind is turned inside out and then on top of that you put on the person's shoes, which may be sizes too big or too small and a style you would never wear. only then can you even begin to understand. at which point you might think to yourself why did i never think of that. and consequently your mind will explode and possibly turn right side out again but even still you will never be the same.

(b) don't even pretend to think that if you were so and so that you know for certain that you wouldn't do such and what, because for starters you can never know that and for main course you would be so and so and it's pretty inevitable that you would do such and what and you would believe in the reasons why you did it.

(c) nobody thinks they are evil. nobody thinks they are wrong. nobody realizes that lots of people can be not wrong at the same time while thinking different things.

(d) i can't remember why i am writing this list, or even what boohonky means.


i love you.


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