Friday, September 29, 2006


i mostly find that life happens just right when i just let it happen to me. perfectly perfectly ordered.

i lost my train of thought between the cat and the music.

i met a new cat today. elton. elton john. he's a rocket man.

he's adorable.

he'll need to have a meeting with my camera before he gets too much bigger. little cats get big so fast. i love little cats. and i especially love big cats.

pretty much, i love cats. that much is obvious. whatever.

kings of leon = awesome in the non-sarcastic way.

and awesomely glorious = red hot chili peppers concert.

i love concerts. i love them so much. it's the weirdest thing. cause especially at a huuuuge concert this one, and sitting way the way back and up in the stadium, with the force of the music pounding and pounding and pounding, and the lights just screaming at you... well, it's pretty intense. i don't know how people stand, cause i absolutely cannot when i am up there. there are times when the music and lights, perhaps in strobe, are so intense that you are afraid you might throw yourself forward or something rationally ludicrous but accutely possible in that moment. you grip the arm rest to make sure you are still seated properly. so anxious you might even try to look away from the lights. and still you wouldn't trade that moment for anything. it's totally the weirdest to me. i had a great time at the concert.

my cat just just fell asleep in my lap, and his head just drops like bomp, i'm alseep now. i don't know, it was the cutest thing. he's so very much asleep right now, his body's like so relaxed. it's calming to have that right next to you. like our energies are aligning.

woah. and the music had paused and i didn't notice. there was extra minutes between songs pretty much that whole time i was typing about ray - who just woke up as i typed his name - and suddenly when i finished typing and was sitting there like, ok, where was i, what now? then suddenly the new song started. perfectly perfectly timed.

ok, i was done a while ago. sorry.


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