Thursday, November 30, 2006

i win!

woah. dudes and dudettes. there are more of you than i thought. hello. it's a pleasure. like, you can send messages and stuff. it's kind of the point. you'll get a december mix tracklist if you comment telling me what you want. or if you comment and i know you already so i already know what you want. just wait. december will be awesome. i'll write in full sentences some of the time!

ps. if raymi reads my blog, i win. so click on the link, cause i think she can see where you come from, and then if she sees a lot of traffic from here, she might visit. and then, as i told you: i win.

oh, and she would probably like me to tell you to go to the canadian blog awards page and vote for her. so click there, then ctrl+F: raymi and then i think you click on the link. and then back and ctrl+F: raymi and then click next and then click on the link. and then do that second step one more time. i think that's how you vote. i am still waiting to hear back from raymi to see if i'm a fool and voting wrong. isn't it awesome how i pretend i know raymi irl. (that's world-of-warcraft for 'in real life'. yeah, i know blogstalking and wow - an online game for anyone who doesn't know cause they are not a huge nerd loser - i am a really creepy. it's awesome. i'm less creepy irl. someone post and agree with that who knows me irl. i know. stop using irl you are yelling at the screen. lol.

ok, so seriously. back to raymi. can someone please remember for me what it is called when a whole bunch of people witness something, but no one takes the responsibility to do anything about it because they think one of the other whole bunch of people will do it. well, i love raymi's blog and i didn't vote, because of that phenomenon. and now i feel bad now, like i was in ny city and heard someone get raped in an alley, and thought my neighbours would do something about it. that didn't really happen in my life guys. it's just the example that the phenomenon is always based on when i learned about it so many different times in psych.

that and memory. we were always learning about those things in every class. like that's prototype psychology or something. that's my stereotype of psychology now.

anyway, don't watch raymi get raped, ok? you don't even have to read. just vote. and it's not really cheating or anything, or irresponsible, like when people don't learn about the people they are voting for in real, important elections and they vote based on what other people tell them. i do not do that. i just don't vote. you can post comments about how that makes me a horrible person, if you want. i don't mind. mostly, i just like the attention.

the ram loves attention.

raymi, what's your sign?

seriously, that's getting creepy, eh guys? mostly, i am trying to gain popularity because if i were blogfriends with her, then i would be famous by blogassociation.

i have to take this thing more seriously.

life's a competition. my dad says.

anyway. it's not like cheating, because you are just making up for my foolishness and not voting before because i thought everyone else was. just scrambling for even footing. oh, and it's not like you guys are an army. unless the army is made up of like six people and they only show up every so often. sounds like an awesome army. if i had to be in an army, i would want to be in that one. congratulations, guys. best army ever. we won't be taking no countries. but i'm pretty fine with that.

anyway. raymi.

do it. you can't have that irresponsibility of the masses phenomenon, cause i assure you. you aren't a mass. just a pretty chill little army.

i like you guys.

and not the codeine talking.


Blogger carrie said...

it makes me really mad that you can't tell that the way to vote is to click on the little white circle next to the blogname!

Thursday, November 30, 2006 11:54:00 a.m.  

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