Saturday, December 2, 2006

mmmmm... piiiiiizzzzaaaaaa

it's ok. i married pizza and cats a long time ago. best idea of the day.

today, i hugged a lady at a shoe store. cause i was on the brink of disaster and she literally whisked me from the back of the store, where it seemed my only hope lay and it so happened to be my favourite section: the cheaper section, to the front of the store to basically the shoe that i had been picturing only a little improved in both colours that i was looking for it. ooooooooooh. and twenty bucks! like.... um, can i hug you?

see, you can understand right.

oh, i need the shoes for a formal tomorrow. probably an important detail. more explains the anxiety. though not exactly explains.

so there you go.

you can understand the demand, can't you?

oh well. the lady seemed to understand. she hugged me and i think she thought it was awesome. most likely i sensed that she would before i even offered the demand forth... i don't know what happened to that sentence?

and then a question mark popped up.

oh and then very very randomly i found an old friend. who happened to have exactly what i had been out of.

which brings me to this particular point in time. and i assure you the pizza is divine.

oh and i think i had three separate conversations about how awesome cats were, one right after the other, and i remember just how much i love cats and always have since i started liking them only like seven years ago, and like since then i have had six cats, oh but i have known personally more like ten cats.

which reminds me......

so anyway, today i could not promise someone that i would not live with a whole slew of cats at some point in my future. like he asked me to promise and i was not even like, but i can't be sure that might not happen to me... i was more like, but that's what i want how can i promise not to?

that's a weird fire.

there's too much going on right now. *curls up in a ball sucking thumb*

frig that. i don't need comforting.

those asterisks are cool.


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