Tuesday, February 6, 2007

he sits on a hill.

hey check this out. i stopped time. seriously. time on the tv virtually doesn't exist to me anymore. it is seriously amazing what we can do to de-necessiate the usage of physically spacious materials such as video cassettes and dvds. i know, i know, that the things that produce these effects also take up room, and i agree that things are changing so much, that even these things are so mass produced that the waste they generate is atrocious. but you can see the direction we are going in, right? smaller and smaller. with the information processing capabilities that we have at our fingertips, evolution these days is happening at an incredibly rapid pace. so we'll get there. and faster than we think, i think.

you know what having a highly accessibly laptop or otherwise virtually equipped object will do? it will cut down on so much nonsense bickering. or at least a category of it. like when two parties are arguing over the definition of a word. or the name of a river in some place. or whatever other kinds of facts that people argue on cause both sides think they are right and obviously one isn't but both one is convinced the other is and asshole and both trying so hard and pointlessly to convince the other they are wrong. now it will end as quickly as it starts. it's x. no it's y. google.

even more debatable questions. both parties could just race to find the best sources to back up their claims. both parties learning, and more often than if they had not had google racing, both parties coming to converge on some agreeable terms. or at least come nearer to agreeing.

i have this image in my head. i should draw it.


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